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Sygun Copper


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There are many reminders of mining in Snowdonia where the deep valleys and rocky outcrops encouraged the exploitation of minerals and power was readily available from the water to drive the processing machinery by water-wheels. Here there are numerous abandoned shafts, tunnels, water wheels, and buildings. Some workings have been dated to Roman times although many had their origins from the 16th century onwards.

View of Snowdonia The Sygun mine is one mile from the village of Beddgelert in the glorious Gwynant Valley in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park. The mines and run up the hillside overlooking Llyn Dinas, to Llwyn-Ddu, from which there is an excellent view across to the southern side of the Snowdon Massif. It is representative of a typical metalliferous mine and has been restored and preserved to allow visitors to explore the underground workings in complete safety. Guided tours now take visitors through the old workings to see copper ore veins and large chambers with magnificent stalactite and stalagmite formations richly coloured by iron oxide brought in solution by water seeping through the rocks. Audio presentations are available in English Welsh, French and German, while special lighting effects contribute in providing a realistic glimpse into the past. The route rises nearly 45 metres via stairways, winding tunnels and colourful caverns to emerge at the Victoria level for a breathtaking view of the Gwynant Valley and surrounding Snowdonia mountain range. There are pleasant, well marked riverside walks upstream to the lake, Llyn Dinas, and downstream to Beddgelert.

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