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The National Showcaves - Dan Yr Ogof


History & Archeology






The Bridge ChamberThe National Showcaves Centre for Wales is situated within the stunning Brecon Beacons National Park, and is a fascinating insight into the natural phenomena of cave formation. The caves at Dan yr Ogof are made of carboniferous limestone, formed some 315 million years ago. Because the rock has cracks and fissures, water has been able to flow through it, dissolving the limestone and carving out the cave system we see today.

There are three caves to be explored: the Dan yr Ogof Showcave, the Cathedral Showcave and the Bone Cave. All three caves display spectacular examples of cave formation. In the Dan yr Ogof Showcave stalactites and stalagmites are the commonest forms but a rare feature is the helectites, which grow out sideways, unlike the stalactites and stalagmites that develop downwards and upwards, respectively. New in Cathedral Cave, walk behind two forty foot high waterfalls and experience the natural beauty of this incredible section of cave - The Dome of St. Paul's.

The Dinosaur ParkThe Showcave also has good example of flowstone and curtains. An unusual formation can be found in the Bone Cave, where the stalactites are in the form of huge bosses, covered in a white deposit. This substance has been given the name ‘Moonmilk’ because of its strange texture, which is like that of thick yoghurt! Moonmilk is in fact another form of calcite, in which the crystals have large quantities of water, and sometimes mud, trapped around them.

Also at the National Showcaves Centre for Wales is the Dinosaur Park with over 50 life-sized dinosaurs, an authentic Iron Age farm, Shire Horse Centre, Millenium Stone Circle and Museum.

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