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Wales Underground
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Wales is a mountainous country on the Western shores of Britain. Its scenery is distinctive, offering everything from the rugged peaks of Snowdonia in the northeast to the rolling pastures of the cenral uplands, the southern valleys and the coastal plains. Its 732-mile coastline is very varied with bays, beaches, peninsulars and cliffs.
Llyn Idwal
Nant Francon
Beneath the surface of Wales lie the rocks that gave this fascinating country both its shape and its industrial might. Indeed there are few comparable areas in the world that have such a rich geological heritage. For 700 million years rocks have been laid down, bent and twisted, eroded, and injected with volcanic lava and mineral-saturated waters. Soft rocks have been hardened to slate and tropical swamps turned into coal.
The rich geological and industrial legacy of Wales has given us a huge open-air museum waiting to be explored. This trail of the top 12 underground sites in Wales takes you on a journey into the very heart of our geological and industrial past. If you want to learn more about rocks and minerals, to see how miners won them from the depths, or simply explore underground, this is the trail for you.


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